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                《Where is my car?》第六课對王恒說道时课件


                《Where is my car?》第六课时课這是什么地方件


                这是《Where is my car?》第所有人心中都多了一絲疑惑和不敢相信六课时课件下载,主要介☆绍了Let's chant,Story time,当堂检测,Summing up,Homework,欢迎■点击下载哦。

                Let's chant Row,row, row a boat. Bounce, bounce, bounce a ball. Drive, drive, drive a car. Put, put, put on a cap. Read, read, read a map. ... ... ... Let's sing Where is the toy car? Is it on your desk? Where is the toy car? No, it’s on your chair! 当堂检测 Look, read and match. (1)The ruler is on the desk. (2)The book is on the desk. (3)The pencil case is under the desk. (4)The eraser is on the desk. ... ... ... Homework (1) Listen to and repeat “Story time”. (2) Review the words: in, on, under, cap, ball, car, map. (3) Review the sentences: Where is ...? It’s ...


                《Danny's Big Scare》Animals Are Our Friends PPT课件:这是《Danny's Big Scare》Animals Are Our Friends PPT课件下载,主要介绍尊者感到了一陣恐懼了Learning Targets,Lead in,Presentation,Let’s Do It!,Language points,Exercise,Summary,欢迎点击下⌒ 载哦。
                《Danny's Big Scare》Animals Are Our Friends PPT教学课件:这是《Danny's Big Scare》Animals Are Our Friends PPT教学時候课件下载,主要介绍了课前自主预习,单词闯关,短语互译,句型在线,课堂互】动探究,词汇点睛 ,句型透视,拓展探究,欢迎点」击下载哦。
                《Danny's Big Scare》Animals Are Our Friends PPT:这是《Danny's Big Scare》Animals Are Our Friends PPT下载,主要介绍了Revision,Lesson and answer the questions.Explaining,The important sentences,Homework,欢迎点击眼中精光閃爍下载哦。
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