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                《Happy Thanksgiving!》Families Celebrate Together PPT教学课件


                《Happy Thanksgiving!》Families Celebrate Together PPT教学课件


                这是《Happy Thanksgiving!》Families Celebrate Together PPT教学课件下载,主要同时介绍了学习目标,自学指导,自学检测,合作探究,语法总结,当堂训练,欢@ 迎点击下载哦

                Happy Thanksgiving!PPT,第三部分内容:合作探究 (一)Read the text .finish the following. 1. Read the lesson and finish Let’s do it 1 。P41 2.Read the text loudly . (组长组织领读或齐读) (二)语法总结 1. ___________________________ 。让我热情的拥抱一下你们。 “give sb a hug”意为_______________,hug 在这是_______词.hug 也可作〇为动词使用。Give sb a hug = hug sb . She hugged her daughter = She gave ____ daughter ______ ______. He gave me a hug when we met = He ____ _____ when we met. 2.Thanks to Jenny for all of her help and thanks all of you for welcoming me . __________________________________________. (1). give thanks to sb for... ,Thanks for... 或 thank sb for都 意为______________ ,for 后跟名词,代词 或动词______ 形式。强调感谢的原因。 Thank you for ______( help)me . Thanks for your gift . (2). thanks to 意为 ______ ,________.强调感谢的对象。 Thanks to your help ,we finished the work on time.____________________________. Thanks ____Mr.Hu ,we have learned many songs . A. to B. at C. For 3. But with all of your help ,I feel at home now . ____________________________ with one’s help = wiyh the help of ,意为 “ _____________” 译句:在老师的帮助下,我学会了使♀用电脑。____________________________. 在我同桌的帮助下,我按时完成『了作业。____________________________. ... ... ... Happy Thanksgiving!PPT,第四部分内容:当堂训练 Work in groups: Retell the passage,after retelling check with your partners. 一)连词成句 1 . Brain . say . to . went .hello .friends .his ______________________ 2. has. He .on .his time .finished homework ,_____________________ 3. his. gives. big, father ,a. him ,hug _____________________ 4. Danny. Teacher .thanks .to .gives .his .English .________________ 二)Finish Let’s do it 3 . Write some words to your parents or friends on Thanksgiving.


                《Revision》Families Celebrate Together PPT:这是《Revision》Families Celebrate Together PPT下载,主要〓介绍了单元复习目标,单元词汇听←写,单元语法集训,单元要╱点训练,单元实战演练,欢迎点击下载㊣哦。
                《Review》Families Celebrate Together PPT:这是《Review》Families Celebrate Together PPT下载,主要介绍了Learning Aims,Building Your Vocabulary,Grammar in Use,Listening and Speaking,Putting It All Together,Self Evaluation,欢迎我关山月就为你马首是瞻点击下载哦。
                《Li Ming's Birthday》Families Celebrate Together PPT:这是《Li Ming's Birthday》Families Celebrate Together PPT下载,主要介绍了词↘汇听写,课堂导入,知识讲解,Let's Do It !课堂练习,课堂小结,课后作业,欢迎恭敬开口说道点击下载哦。
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