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                《Happy Thanksgiving!》Families Celebrate Together PPT


                《Happy Thanksgiving!》Families Celebrate Together PPT


                这是《Happy Thanksgiving!》Families Celebrate Together PPT下载,主要介绍了词汇听写,课堂导入,知识讲解,Let's Do It !课堂练习,课堂小结,课后作业,欢◣迎点击下载哦。

                二、单项选择 6. ________, the twins wear the same clothes to go to the party. A.As usual B.As a usual C.Usual D.As usually 7. Thanks for ______old clothes for the stay­at­home children. A.collecting B.collect C.to collect D.collects 8.During the next few days, I decide to have a good ______ by taking a walk or seeing a movie. I really need to relax. (山西) A. meal B. sleep C. rest 9. —Is there______in today's newspaper? —Yes. A terrible accident happened in Hubei. (郴州) A. special something B. anything special C. something special 10. My teacher ________to see me.He'll be here soon. A.is coming B. come C. has come D. came 【点拨】本题采用正确把握语境法。由“He'll be here soon.”可╳推断用一般将来时。come的现慢慢地出现了一层氤氲在进行时可表示将来♀。 ... ... ... Happy Thanksgiving!PPT,第六部分内容:课堂小结 本节课主要学习了以下这两栋别墅相距重点内容: (1)重点单词:hug, meal, gathering, conversation, special等。 (2)重点短语:be coming, thanks for 等。 课后作业 1.熟记本课时的词汇 2.完成本课时的课后作业


                《Revision》Families Celebrate Together PPT:这是《Revision》Families Celebrate Together PPT下载,主要介绍了单元复习目标,单元词汇听写,单元语法∩集训,单元☆要点训练,单元纸走来进来实战演练,欢迎点击下载↘哦。
                《Review》Families Celebrate Together PPT:这是《Review》Families Celebrate Together PPT下载,主要介绍了Learning Aims,Building Your Vocabulary,Grammar in Use,Listening and Speaking,Putting It All Together,Self Evaluation,欢迎点击身材凹凸有致下载哦。
                《Li Ming's Birthday》Families Celebrate Together PPT:这是《Li Ming's Birthday》Families Celebrate Together PPT下载,主要介绍了词汇听写,课堂导入,知识讲解,Let's Do It !课堂练习,课堂小结,课后作业,欢迎点击下载哦。
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